The aftermath

My first blown engine… I feel all growed up now…


Nicely done,

If you ask my son we went through 5 this season,

1 206 killed in a 4th of july parade
1 206 just did not keep up, not really blown, given newby to get them started.
1 Animal, just wore it out, just stopped running
1 Animal, blown side cover gasket.
1 Animal, fresh rebuild, just not right, rebuilt again.

Yeesh. I pity your wallet!

Yikes, that looks like a BIG small end failure… Or shattered piston.
On the upside, you now have a new lamp for the garage.

It was sort of expected… three races ago I ran it in practice for 10laps with the water pump not working (not intentional). Came off track and the engine was so hot it burned all the stickers off. We were amazed it lasted another 2 race days.

But yeah the piston arm thingy exited the bottom of the engine and the piston turned into a million small pieces that then tried to exit the engine from its various orifices.

Was interesting at 63mph right as I was about to brake on the main straight.

Ah, yeah you probably cooked the small end bearing when it got too hot. Sometimes if you look on the underneath the crown of the piston you can see a black\brown circle which means things got a bit to hot up there and the oil started baking into it.


Of course you would have needed to check that before it vaporized.

Think about how fun those blow ups are with direct drive :smiley:

Interestingly the blow up wasn’t all that dramatic. The wheels locked up for a brief moment and that was it. No fire, molten glass or explosions.

Skip to 4:23 on this if it doesn’t take you there automatically. This is about 72/73 MPH and the track drops away as you turn in. Good times.

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Wow. These Irish guys are racing to win. That’s a lot of crashing!

Yeah, our banditry back then knew no bounds :blush:
Actually to be fair, I’m still 96.7% bandit.

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6:35 is best part. Cya… zoom.

Man! Every time someone says the racing was cleaner and more respectful back in the day I’ll show them this…

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Mike Giessen would be proud!

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