The “coolest” race in Karting this weekend

Snowball 250!

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Isn’t that the race where the winner last year used rain tires?

Yes, and this year too. Track gets slushy when the snow gets drug up on the track.


Can you unpack that whole “snow” thing for those of us in Florida . . . :laughing:

Snow (Florida translation): sky cocaine, melts easily, typically replaces rain between December and March/April in the northern states.


Why did they clear the track :joy:

I know you are kidding, but some folks asked about that and about studded tires. Cant not clear the track because the karts wont go without some traction enhancers. Cant use those because there is a real race track underneath that would get tore up from the studs.

Not quite kidding… but I understand what you’re saying.

You would need a good inch or two of ice on there and probably a spec stud with a small protrusion.

We’ve been using these on our rentals. 1.8mm protrusion, so pretty kind to the ice. Make the spec 44 studs per tire and send it.

Given enough water available, you can groom/pack the snow on the track as a base, then add water to it to get you to the couple of inches of ice needed.

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You northern guys are crazy. We dont have the temps for that much ice prep.

It was 45 for a high there earlier in the week. Mid 50s this week. I think they do the best they can with what we have.

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Yeah you need it to hover in the 20’s for a while.