The Great Kart Track Search

Some of us are nomads, always in search of a new grounds to hone and fulfill our need of speed. Yet finding our elysian fields tends to be quite the hunt. What better place to compile known locations than here on KartPulse Forum?

Let’s split the nation into traditional regions & divisions (thank Wikipedia):

Region 1: Northeast

  • Division 1: New England
    Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont
  • Division 2: Mid-Atlantic
    New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania

Region 2: Midwest

  • Division 3: East North Central
    Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, and Wisconsin
  • Division 4: West North Central
    Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, and South Dakota

Region 3: South

  • Division 5: South Atlantic
    Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, District of Columbia, and West Virginia
  • Division 6: East South Central
    Alabama, Kentucky, Mississippi, and Tennessee
  • Division 7: West South Central
    Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Texas

Region 4: West

  • Division 8: Mountain
    Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming
  • Division 9: Pacific
    Alaska, California, Hawaii, Oregon, and Washington

Comment below your Region, Division, Track Name, and if it’s Dirt or Sprint!
(Sorry Road Racers. Bit biased toward these smaller tracks which are hard to find if still open.)

Hopefully this will help new racers and movers find places to race!

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I like the idea of the regions broken down like that. Is that a standardized set of sorts?

One thing I found early on was that folks would often search by state, rather than by distance. This always perplexed me because they would often miss a great track that’s sometimes in a different state, yet closer to their location

If you’re merely looking for tracks around a location, checkout .

I’m region 2, Division 4 (MN), but also 30miles away from Division 3 (Wisconsin).
There’s four outdoor “racing” tracks within 250 miles of me:

Stockholm Karting Center
Eau Claire Raceway (MKA)
USAIR Motorsports Raceway Shawano
61 Kartway

Incidentally, there’s 19 ovals within the same distance:

That’s awesome! Didn’t know you guys had a track locator! This will help a ton.

The breakdown is literally a copy/paste from wikipedia. Just typed in United States regions. Something I remember from grade school. Also thought it would be cool if this could be the foundation of a division/regional/national programs. But of course thats a discussion in itself.

I’m very much the person to search race tracks by driving radius. What takes me 2,3, or 4 hours to drive to? Would it be worth making the pilgrimage once or twice a month? All these types of questions goes down in my budgeting and planning.

Appreciate the link James!

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Div 2
There’s 3 I know of
Nj motorsports Park (south jersey)
Englishtown (central nj)
OVMP (south ny)

indoors is RPM (jersey city, right across the river from nyc

All are paved

Div 3, we have:
Badger Kart Club (Dousman WI)
Road America (Elkhart Lake WI)
USAir (Shawano WI)
Sugar River (Broadhead WI)
MKA (Eau Claire WI)
Concept Haulers Motor Speedway (Norway IL)
Mid-State Kart Club (Springfield IL)
Gateway Kartplex (Madison IL)
MRP (South Bend IN)
New Castle IN
G&J Kartway (Camden OH)
Adkins Raceway (Port Washington OH)
Wilmington Raceway Park (Wilmington OH)
East Lansing MI

I’m sure I’m missing a few but these are all the ones I can find with a quick Google search. I’m also close to Divison 4 but I’ve never looked to that side of the Mississippi.

I should check the track locator on KP, I’ll look at that soon

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OVMP (south ny)

That should be OVRP, Oakland Valley Race Park.

Adding to the same division (Div 2), there’s the brand new New York Race Complex (formerly St. Lawrence Motorsport Park) and Pittsburgh International Race Complex. Both sprint courses.

Region 3, Division 7 - Sprint Track - Paved
NOLA Motorsports Park
11075 Nicolle Blvd, Avondale, LA 70094

Region 3, Division 7 - Sprint Track - Paved
Moore Park Raceway
350 Couret Dr, Lafayette, LA 70507

I think MD and DE are definitely Mid-Atlantic. We border NJ basically, and then there is a big gap down the coast to more tracks.

In our area the sprint tracks we have are:
Nicholson Speedway, Chestertown, MD
Sandy Hook, Street, MD

Then the NJ tracks have already been mentioned, Englishtown and NJMP
NY has OVRP then another further north that I have not been to, maybe Avon?

South of us there is a track in Richmond although we have never been, not sure they even hold races.
Next one beyond that is GoPro in Mooresville, then Carolina Motorsports Park in Kershaw, SC

Up in PA there is Pittsburg Int’l Race Complex

That just about sums up our 8 hour radius from MD, for sprint karts

Yep, Genesee Valley in Avon, NY. There’s also Lafayette Motorsport Park (formerly Cherry Valley) in Lafayette, NY.

I’m in Region 3 Division 7, San Antonio, TX.
Home track is Hill Country Kart Club in New Braunfels
Tracks within 250 miles:
Gulf Coast Karters, Katy, Texas
SpeedSportz, New Caney, Texas
Heart of Texas Kartway, Waco, TX

All tracks a paved sprint tracks.

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Div 9
Pacific Grand Prix (Kent,Wa)
SIMA (Sumas, Wa)
PSGKA Mountain Hwy (Spanaway, Wa)
Pat’s Acres (Canby, Or)
Mac Track (Macminville, Or)
Horn Rapids Kart Track (Richland, Wa)

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Re-added Lafayette to the directory thanks. It was inactive before.

Thanks for reminding me on this one… I added this as well.

When you’re listing the tracks in your region, if you’d take a look and make sure none are missing from the track directory that would be rather swell…


My pleasure! I also noticed that the Long Island Karting Association one is out of date. Their new website is located at:

If you don’t mind changing that… :wink:

Thanks… Updated

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Being from Philly, yes that is correct.

Now living in Boston and there are three tracks within two hours.

Just a side note for the people running this site.
I’m glad that found this thread. I was thinking that there should be a Category for Regions or Areas for people to discuss topics that pertain to them. This is a model I see on forums like and they do quit well. When I huge into VW’s, I love these forums and how they were broken up. Might be something to look into.

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Thanks Rob. Regional sections certainly make sense from a structural viewpoint, but there’s really not enough volume (of people posting) to justify regional categories.
We don’t even have a single regional topic (Which IIRC is what the VWVortex regional categories stemmed from).

A lot of the regional type of chatter for karting seems to happen in social media, which is probably the best place for it. It tends to be transactional and transient in nature, whereas the forums here are intended for deeper topics that have a bit more longevity and broader appeal.

Having said all this, KartPulse including these forums are guided by the community, so if things in the community changed, then we would adapt. Which is how the forums came about and the Karting social network on basically got sunsetted.

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I will add though, the underlying point you’re making about the importance of connecting people with the Karting scene around them is on the money and 100% accurate.

The questions that come to my mind are:

  1. Who are these people (avatars)?
  2. What information are they looking for?
  3. Where does this info come from?
  4. How can this info be presented optimally for each avatar in a relevant way that’s intuitive and visually pleasing.

Addressing these questions was the intent of building the social network we prototyped, but alas it really never got legs for a number of reasons, some of them in the marketing of and execution on my behalf to be fair.

We’re working on a rebrand of KartPulse and redesign of the main website (Which will have full integration with these forums), so your point is pretty timely.

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