The IAME 175SSE Dyno Test and Curve from SRS Engines


(James McMahon) #1

Shared by SRS Engines on Facebook today. Interesting stuff. Sounds like a stump puller of a motor. You can see more SSE topics by clicking: #iame_sse

Pic: SRS Engines Facebook Page

Here’s the details.

Here is a screen shot of the dyno graph for an out-of-the-box SSE175.


It shows a wide, high torque power band that extends from 10000 rpm to over 13200 rpm.
The torque stays over 17 ft-lb from 10200 rpm to 13000 rpm.
Peak power was 42.4 and held over 40 hp from 11600 rpm to above 13200.

That is pretty impressive compared to the best Stock Honda’s that peaked at about 37hp and signed off before 12900. In fact this is in the peak power range of some of the best mod Honda’s but with a much wider power band and much better reliability.

Remember that peak hp numbers will vary from dyno to dyno and day to day.

The point to take away is that on the same dyno under approximately the same conditions, the SSE175 makes about 16% more power over a wider rpm range than a national level Stock Honda.

Oh, and by the way, it costs way less than a national level stock Honda or mod Honda. The high torque and wide band should make for fewer gear shifts and better ability to overcome the increasing drag caused by tire rubber build up on the track at national events.

Call (972)365-4394 for more information.

(Bryan Hall) #2

The big question is the durability. How well do they hold together and how much maintenance will it require?

I’m all for a strong and reliable engine that is easy to service and get parts for.

(Charles Skowron) #3

A couple of days ago, IAME USA West released an information sheet that included a few maintenance intervals for some components of the engine.

With most KZ engines, the maintenance interval suggestions I’ve seen are measured in liters of fuel consumed, not hours of run time. Which makes it a little harder to compare this engine with those KZs. But the SSE’s 8 Hours between top end piston changes seems a bit longer than what I’ve seen for other motors. (Some KZs I’ve read list 30 liters of fuel, sometimes as low as 20 liters, between top end changes.)

(Bryan Hall) #4

I think most people used to KZ’s will consider that good. I admit I was hoping that with material advances it would be at least near a 20 year old Honda design at 22.5 hours for the top end with the bottom unspecified. I assume that’s as good as can be done for the money with higher piston speeds and barely-there 2-stroke vapor lubrication.

I wonder how much that could be extended by requiring pre-heating of the engine to at least coolant operating temperature.

(Bryan Hall) #5

It does appear that quite a few people are selling off their cr125 engines now after the rule announcement to buy this package, and verses the rok 125 you might as well for the price.

(Spencer Uzri) #6

I wonder how many liters 8 hrs translates to? Per TM, my K9 ES (125 cc, ~35 HP) is supposed to go 100-140 L (top end) & 400-440 L (bottom end).

(James McMahon) #7

Rough math from road racing, an 8L tank will net you 25-30min of running. Based on that, about 128L

Generally you’ll use less fuel in sprint of course. So it looks to be in ballpark with your ES.