The Purdue Grand Prix

So, I’m not sure if anybody has heard of this (well okay it was on EKN so most people probably saw it), but Purdue University holds a kart race for university students called the Purdue Grand Prix.

The race utilizes CIK chassis and Yamaha engines, but what stands out to me is the fabricated roll-cages that are mounted on the chassis. Now, I’m not sure how they do this without ruining the chassis handling, but I’m interested by it. One thing that bothers me though is that they require a neck-brace, which we’ve covered in another forum post, but do not allow HANS devices to be used.

Anyways, this seems like a really cool way to get kids in college into karting. I saw a couple names on the results sheets I recognize from racing, although I don’t know how as the girl is a 206 racer. What does everyone else think of this program and how their rules differ from the standards we see in racing normally?

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I thought the Purdue GP was an EV thing but I guess they are separate.

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I believe they have an EV class as well, Yamaha is just the main event. There were also two alumni races this year

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I didn’t know it was that active. Glad you brought it up. I think WKA got involved with rules and or officiating?