The Science of the Racer's Brain - Now Available!

I don’t know what to write here (without sounding like ‘i co-wrote a book’ big headed :slight_smile: ) but I hope my karting brethren will enjoy it this project which I have co-written. If you have any questions please fire away.

It’s been very much an awesome project to be part of. Co-Author Otto Lappi PhD is an absolute genius. He’s a motorsport nut, which made the book such a cool project to be part of.

This book is intended to give you, as far as possible in the current state of knowledge, an accurate insight into some of the fascinating mechanisms that operate in the mind and brain of a skilled racing driver.

It combines a scientific view of how the human mind and brain work… with the passion and excitement of motor racing!

It will be released on the 17th in Hardback, Paperback, and eBook.


Well this is very, very exciting! I look forwards to this big time!

I just tried to buy it and the site doesn’t have a purchase link. How will it be sold? I see the release date is a few days away. @Alan_Dove

Good to see covid was productive! Now make that kart you were threatening to make!

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It will be available on Amazon (and others for the Hardback). It has been a very tough couple of years, but hopefully the book makes up for it.

On the kart front, we’ll have to see. :slight_smile: got some big projects going down in karting atm and more nutty ideas. Hopefully some will come to fruition.

@NikG is looking at building his own kart (I think) and no doubt do a much better job than I.

Ok. Do us a flavor and make a reminder when it’s up for sale.

Alexa: remind me to buy Alan’s new book!

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Great! Ill be ordering one

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What are the ebook options? I’m assuming Kindle?

Edit: Autocorrect fix.

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yes, eBook will be Kindle only

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SO HERE IT IS!!! :grin: :tada: :tada:

Paperback -…/dp/9529458541/

Kindle eBook -

We hope you enjoy it!


Awesome, it will be here Saturday.

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Ordered but I’ll be disappointed if I don’t also receive the engine. :sunglasses:

*engine not included in sale. lol

Hope you like it

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beautiful, hope you like it

So mine arrived before I got home from work. Sadly, it was vandalized by Nick. :grinning:

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:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :joy:

Also, for the ’ deep cut lore’ folks. That’s the second motorsport book that helmet has been on

Is that the one being won on the cover of
Terence’s bookie?

yep! that’s the one.

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Mine arrived yesterday, looking forward to reading it for sure!

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thanks mate. Hope you enjoy.