The Ultimate Guide To Rims

So lately I have been thinking about getting a new set of rims but with so many brands, varieties, materials and lengths, the question is what to get.

Got me thinking how about a ultimate thread on rims knowledge of different brands and types of rims and what people have tested and tried out in different conditions etc

Basically anything rim related and a place for people of the forums to ask questions about rims

Perhaps the top tier racing veterans of kartpulse could get the ball rolling? @tjkoyen perhaps a solid run down on the many different OTK rims and what you found works (I noticed you have something like this in a Karting1 forum), @NikG I believe you were topkart and CRG in the early to mid 2000’s, unsure how much rims have progressed since then, @Alan_Dove I don’t know anything specific but i’m fairly certain you’d have a lot of knowledge on the subject :grinning:

To get the ball rolling i’ll always remember this fabulous post I found a few years ago on an aussie forum by a guy called David Brewer when I was originally looking at rims (unsure if i’m allowed to do this but here it goes):

As promised these are my findings on the below wheels in testing I have done for myself and have backed it up with some team members over the years to confirm my findings so this is what I have tested, documented (using the Gmeter on a Mychron4) and is my opinion that I happy to share.

I will point out that some of the tests were in CSH trim tag trim and LH trim.

Tony Kart wheels:

The differences between MXP and MXC varied probably the largest of all wheels, I found when using the MXP the kart had good stability on entry and the kart binded on exit this is the complete opposite for the MXC this wheel gave a stiffer feeling therefore entry was harder to get to the apex but the reward off the turn was amazing. the critical part on the data shows both wheels made exactly the same amount of LAT G ! however temperature variation across the tyre was different between the wheels which to me indicated a stiffness difference. On any condition of 23’ plus track temp the MXC was a better wheel for me.

Douglas Wheels:

Solid SE wheels V vented LV 2 very nice wheels! the SE wheel is very similar to the MXC otk wheel in its feel but that is about all its performance is not to be compared, the temp ratings are very different and the rise in temp is very fast in comparison. This wheel IMO is a great wheel for short distance or very cold races. Lat G shows slightly better entry grip but def less than OTK equivalent on exit. The LV wheel has been one of the weirdest wheels I have driven on this wheel gives an abundance of entry grip but apex grip makes the kart feel like chewing gum… the front wheels however give outstanding grip and feed back but the rears with either Tag tyres or Yellows or CIK dunlops never made the kart feel positive off the turn. Temps out of this wheels were some of the most extreme across a tyre how ever inflation temps were very good. LAT G shows the inconsistancies through the corner with large spikes of grip release. ( this could be tuned out of the kart but I couldnt have been bothered trying they didnt suit me).


Testing both these wheels yield very similar performances and feeling. The KG that we currently use on our chassis is one of the most consistent wheel I have ever used it has good all round grip and is good on its temp variation and rise. The std CRG mag wheel is the MOST unique wheel this thing is very different the wheel feels very good as an all round performer we can do very similar times ( within half a tenth ) however over a long race this wheel cycles on and off! TRUE it is fast for the first 4-6 laps then it goes off to the tune of 1-3 tenths HOWEVER!!! this bloody wheel will bounce back approx 2 - 4 laps later and you will go on to set your fastest lap times of the race somewhere near the tail end of the race. It is amazing how is does it… Please do not ask how it does it cause I got NFI. LOL but the same characeristics have been tested on multiple drivers and set ups with the same result.

Techno wheels

This wheel is in ways a very similar feeling wheel to the Douglas LV with a bit of MXC as you exit the corner one of its greatest properties is heat dissipation this wheel even on the worst setup kart on the hottest day will yield some of the lowest temps it is a great wheel for those who like to drive a kart that feels “soft” the only thing I had found with this wheel is in both hot and cold track conditions the wheel felt very different… All other wheels whether they offer good entry or exit grip they do this in all dry conditions… the techno does not. Stats show temps to be very good across the surface and LatG to be one of the most consistant over a run. this wheel to me was a very particular in that it only worked sometimes for me but when it did it was great.


Well this is interesting as there are some things to consider solid, vented, LV ,european in all Edwards Alloy is the better of the alloys available however in most conditions on snr karts they are very hard to keep tyre temps consistant but an Alloy wheel is ultimately the fastest wheel… and I say this with out opening another can of worms. during spring or autumn when our lovely light cold air is around in the mornings and our engines make some great HP these wheels which give some of the best LATg figures are the only wheels to create heat fast enough to give max grip and do a real fast time. now albeit 1 lap! it is still faster…

In summary when choosing a wheel which is not used by your manufacture take the feeling into consideration as this helps achieve confidence in the kart which will help you create faster lap times. the best way to choose is get a bunch of wheels and go test them for your self for the simple fact that no other person knows what you like to feel when your driving…"