Thermostat difference

At the moment i have a 3 way thermostat on the cooling system of my vortex Rok. I was wondering if it would be possible to replace it with an inline thermostat, thus simplifying and cleaning it up a bit.

Could changing the type of thermostat have any negative effect on the engine, and what are the up or down side of using the one over the other.

A three way thermostat essentially put the water flow from the pump in a loop directly through the engine block, once open at temperature it directs the water through the radiator to be cooled before it comes to the block.

Such a set up is used if there is no kind of bypass at the pump, to prevent over pressure when the t stat is closed.

I’ve no idea how a ROK system water pump works but you may have trouble if you remove that cyclic capability. Def do some research first :slight_smile:

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They have one like your talking about that has a tiny pass through hole to prevent pressure build up but what you have is far superior.

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