Thermostat v curtain/tape - what's your preference?

I’ve had good luck with the thermostat I’ve been using, but have noted factory drivers/teams use curtains, which is curious, considering how reliable thermostats work in cars. That said, since I’m building another shifter, I thought I would ask: what’s your preference, & why?

Thanks in advance.

Thermostats are a potential failure point, even if they’re reliable; curtains are less so. Thermostats also present a flow restriction in the system. I haven’t empirically evaluated the end effects in various hot/cold situations; so, this only a thought exercise.

I have wanted to use a thermostat out of laziness and automation - so i can focus on the driving not engine management.

I just put in an in-line thermostat. Yes, it could cause a leak there as it is one more break - but that is highly unlikely as the water never gets very hot as to create steam pressure, compared to a regular vehicle. As to flow restriction, it is negligible. The bends in the hose and radiator elbows cause more flow restriction than the little nub for the thermostat in the stream.

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Yeah, I haven’t had a problem with mine, but I can’t help noting how they aren’t used at the pro level. Curtains are the rage.