This is a really bad idea

I know flush mount bolts are expensive but this is no way to put 45 lbs of lead on your seat. Admire and cringe.

Oh dear, um I mean if it works it works I guess :joy:

At best, that’s a bad suit there there, or throw the rib vest on the outside and wreck that instead.

Hopefully they are M8 bolts, probably not the hardness one would like though.

The kid is thinking of starting a new seat company called “Iron Maiden Kart seats”.

Here’s the lay down kart version

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Prioritizing safety for all karters I see :+1:

Use the seat the way you have it for a couple of race weekends. Then make up your own mind.

just massaging your muscles on the go! proven to make you last at least twice as long in the kart! Easy buy with only 3 payments of $59.99

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So I asked and the young man said he had giant bruises that didn’t hurt. Let’s hope he doesn’t get hit from side. That can’t be good on your ribs.

Ugh, carriage bolts are cheap + washers is my ghetto way to not kill myself if I need to throw on weight for some unexpected reason I don’t have any of my 600 flush mount 8mm countersunk setups.

My biggest takeaway from racing in Europe was the simplicity they use with mounting weights. The weights are all the same size, so you can stack them to get the weight you want. They do not use any fancy hardware, just a flat washer and a countersunk bolt. The height was half as much as what we normally use with the countersunk washers.

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