This is interesting: Jimmy Broadbent drives a TAG

Jimmy drives 125cc TAG for the first time.

What’s really interesting is how on his 3rd session, he starts to load up the kart better and his throttle gets waaaay more correct. Like a lightbulb went off. Everything smooths out and he starts being much more progressive. Less trying to force the apex and more power + flow.

It’s pretty night and day. He ultimately throws in the towel session 4 as he can’t keep his head upright any longer. Thought this might be of interest to those who are learning. Wonder if he’s gonna get sucked into owner racing!


Good find! I’m going to watch this later!

Watched it the other day, great video!

I’m gonna make my missus watch it. Thai neck massage set up at race meets :rofl:

She gonna be minted lol

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