This Week on KartPulse #6

Badass image courtesy of Christan Marsh\Focal Perspective media. Used with permission.

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This week, we added a “brap” emoji for fun! :brap: :brap: :brap: :brap: :brap: :brap:
It’s a motorcycle for now :slight_smile:

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Big warm welcome and :brap: :brap: to


Thanks for joining guys! Invite your karting buddies and let’s keep the momentum up!

Directory Updates

Removed one defunct track from the directory.

Website Updates
We’ve launched a brand new SWAG store. Check it out, grab a shirt with free shipping (US only)

This week in karting

What we’re working on

PRI Davin and I will be attending PRI next week as media, hanging out, taking pictures/video and doing a couple of interviews. If you’re going let us know. If not, let us know what you’d like to see.

"Drinks with kart racers" Podcast Davin and I are also experimenting with a podcast format called drinks with karters. It’s intended to be a low-key, laid back approach and we hope to have something for you in the next few weeks.

Race and Event Directory I’m working on a couple of tweaks on the KartPulse Race and Event Directory, loading a handful of events and series as I go. This directory will help racers find events near them and discover events that they otherwise may not be aware of, especially ones near state borders.

BRAAAAP :brap: :brap::brap::brap::brap::brap::brap::brap::brap::brap:

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