Thought it was a piece of plastic 🐍

Behold the Eastern Brown Snake, one of the most venomous snakes in the world slithering its way across turn one today.

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Nope. I just retired from kart racing.


You might want to add this to your corner marshal flag inventory…



Looks an awful lot like my shifter chain after ramping a curb while downshifting at 17k RPM.

YARN | Careful, he bites | Borat (2006) | Video clips by quotes | 613dfa0e | 紗


Oh Australia. So many ways to die.

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Fire sale! Light use. Suit does have a little brown staining but should come out…


During a race we once had a cadet drive over a Tiger snake, which then flicked up onto the following cadet, blood and snake guts everywhere.
The snake was in pieces by the time we got across to put it out of its misery.
Coincidently the cadet that was hit was also in emotional pieces.

With the passage of time it has become something that is giggled about.
We also have had to come up with a Snake rule. If a snake is seen on the track the race is suspended.

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This is the best karting story I’ve heard in a while :rofl:

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There is an associated hand gesture with the snake rule, that can be made while passing the Tower.
I’ll let you imagine what it is.

We’ve had a kid smack into a kangaroo :kangaroo: during a race. Made the news too.

You folks must feel about kangaroos like we northeasters feel about deer. Everyone has their share of deer/car stories around here. Hopefully the kangaroos have more sense.

Kangaroos are like sheep, absolutely no sense. If you want them to go one way they will go the other.
I’ve had Kangaroos run into the side of my Car after I’ve gone past them.
Very common for them to be hit by vehicles.

Sounds like deer-level intelligence then…

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Wikipedia Rabbit hole - 42 Million Kangaroos in Australia and they recon the number is going down…
not where I live, between the Kangaroo’s, Emu’s, and Camel’s it’s a veritable invasion of feral animals.

Still rather that, then going camping with Bears, Mountain Lions, Coyote’s and Big Foots.