Thoughts on bearing lube maintenance

Anybody here have specific thoughts for specific process for cleaning and lubing needle bearings and axle/wheel bearings?

So far I’ve seen
Take apart inspect
Clean with magic WD-40
Blow dry
Add Vaseline sparingly to clutch needle bearing and tri flow to wheel/axle bearings

Just wandering what everyone’s thoughts on the specific lines are.
Btw needle bearing is for Hilliard inferno bully conversion for the Lo206

For the needle bearing on the Hilliard, I use Lucus Marine Grease, so if I run in the wet its not a big issue. I repack every other race.

Axle bearings get a combo of WD-40 (cleaning) and Fluid Film.

I put new axle bearings in before the season and throw them away after the season.


Whatever you use on the clutch, use it sparingly. If it forms a drop, it is too much.

I use the Burpo style of rear bearing maintenance. Start fresh at beginning of season, throw away when the get bad, repeat.