Thoughts on cleaning radiator with a steam cleaner

Hi. Season has ended and iam doing cleaning od everything… i have a steam cleaner and wanted to ask you guys if its a good idea to clean the fins and the inside with it?

I cleaned my radiator out on my old Leopard a few years ago. It was made of Copper. To my ignorance I used tap water in it and it left behind some terrible calcium deposits clogging up tubes. To clean it, I rigged up a pump and some hose to circulate a warm solution of CLR and Distilled Water to flush it out. It got most of it. The remainder I was able to get out with a Vinegar and Distilled Water Solution.

As for the Outside, I would just use soapy water, a scrub brush and maybe some compressed air to clean it up. They make Fin Combs to straighten out any dents or bends in the fins.

Lesson learned. Only use Distilled Water in the Cooling System!

Radiators are brazed together from aluminum, and the brazing temperature is barely below aluminum’s melting point. A steam-cleaner shouldn’t harm it at all.

If it melts out some stupid European leak-sealer goop and it starts leaking tell me what brand of radiator it is so that I can run far far away from it. If it leaks after steam cleaning get used to adding a Bar’s Leaks tab to your cooling system when you drain and fill it.

I have an original iame radiator the big size that i got on the start of this season​:+1: and yeah it didnt melt :rofl::rofl:

Buy Dasty from, makes everything like new!

YUP i haev like 10 0f those works like a dream @Lborka



Yes, the bottle in the middle. Absolutely magic! Makes engine like new :joy:

It would appear that one is for glass and one is for aluminum. I guess it’s also a general cleaner for countertops etc.

This one, Classic degreaser

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