Thoughts on DPK coming to US?

No info on driver lineup released yet. Just the announcement that DPK is pairing with Driven Performance and running Benik for the little guys and FA karts for the big karts. Haven’t heard if they are going to focus on USPKS or SKUSA or both.

Article is here:

Time will tell. KR is well respected in the US market as is Benik. A lot of sizzle talk in the presser and a “we will do everything” promise.

In addition promising to deliver a ‘new level’ of the sport to Americas. Doesn’t say where.

Again, time will tell.


It’s all the same marketing speak that every big team says these days, and the same concept of a “full-service” program, so nothing really innovative or different than the other big teams.

All that matters is results; so if they can win some races they’ll get some customers.


Sounds like it’s just Benik bringing in some partners that bring in backend clout. Don’t think this adds a team to the paddock or anything - just maybe the big Benik tent comes out of the mothballs if it’s succesful.

I was excited thinking it was Drew Price Karting coming back with the Arrow or one of their other crazy brands. Their outside of the box thinking can be fun!


This is hilariously self deprecating on Benik’s part as it insinuates they need some other team to show them how to do their jobs. Benik (Nik) knows how to run a team.

Whoever thinks that this is going to meaningfully change anything in the way that the team operates within the US, is high on their own nonsense. All that is really happening here is Benik is changing to FA kart, and wants it to look like more than a vendor change, and wants to differentiate themselves from every other team running an FA or KR purchased through KartSport NA.

DPK isn’t a huge operation to begin with, so outside a couple races where there’s no scheduling conflicts, I don’t see them actually being present in any consistent manner.

As the world turns…


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15 years ago, the best cars and karts in the world were Australian. Holden Commodore/Pontiac G8, Ford Falcon, and Arrow Karts.

Shortsighted management in Detroit that didn’t think the market would recover after the 2008 crisis killed off the cars. Arrow somehow faded away and I’m not sure why; the exchange rate became favorable again after 2016 which is when I stopped seeing new ones.

Isn’t Arrow still alive in Australia?

Arrow Karts still alive and well. Actually celebrated 50 years of manufacturing this year, which is a decent feat for any karting company. No doubt they’d still be successful in the USA in the right hands.