Thoughts on soft seats?

Exprit Noesis 401s ka100 senior

Does a soft seat free up the rear of the kart or does it tighten it down? (I know this is a vague question, but in general)

From what I know from data and track analysis it frees up the rear of the kart( seat would absorb weight and slide more than lift)
but I am curious what you guys think?

Soft seat is going to flex more, allowing the inside rear to lift more easily. You’re softening the connection between the two bearing cassettes, similar to a soft axle.

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Freeing the chassis up then? @tjkoyen

As usual, it depends! It’s situational.

Typically, I feel like it’ll help it lift easier, but it also is going to absorb some of the force going through the frame, so it isn’t going to plant the outside tire as hard.

Let’s use road America for example. On that track would that seat free the kart up or tighten it down?