Thoughts on the Kart Republic vs OTK

Im looking at getting back into karting and have been looking around for chassis’. I have found a 2019 Kart Republic going for a bit less than a 2019 Tony Kart.I was speaking to some mates of mine in Senior Rotax and they say the 2019 Tony Kart had issues with the frame and that the Kart Republic was really light.

I want to hear any experiences with either chassis

anything helps

Both good karts. The KR is a really soft kart but has been successful across all levels. The TK in '19 was perfectly fine, though many have reported it has slightly less front grip than the '18 and '20 models.

Both karts are at the front of the field here at the top level.

Both are fast here at GoProMotorplex and I’m considering the change, but to the Will Power branded KR since I know and want to support Will. One weird observation was a KR kart broke off the water pump mount on his chassis this weekend while running a KA100. So… not using the water pump bracket at all. Not sure why, perhaps just a faulty weld.