Throttle and Brake Sensor Installation Help

(SinPan) #1


Request help to install a AIM Throttle Sensor and a Brake Sensor on my son’s Junior Tony Kart pedals.
Tried looking at videos and documentation but the Pedals seem to be different.Attached pics. of both the pedals.

(Matt Martin) #2

Looks like you’ll need to drill the pedal and install the passive side of the sensors.

similar to this:

Then, you’ll need to install the active side - it looks like you’ll need to weld or otherwise affix a tab to the front bar

(Michael Zahorski) #3

I had to mount the sensors differently than the directions showed when I mounted them to my daughter’s DR/CRG chassis. I used the brackets to bridge across from the center. I’ll take pics this weekend and post them for you. It didn’t require any additional drilling.

When I mounted them on our new Benik, I was able to mount them as their directions showed since the pedals mount differently.

(SinPan) #4

Thanks Guys.
Let me try and get back to you guyz with the result.

(SinPan) #5

Please post the pic.
Thank you.

(Michael Zahorski) #6

These are how I installed the brake sensor on our DR/CRG. I used the brackets that came with it to attach across from the center piece, then I made a bracket to attache the other sensor from the pedal.

For the throttle, I just made a small bracket for the magnet.

And our new Benik was much easier with the way the pedals are installed on it.