Throttle Cable Clamp substitute

Working on the final pieces of putting my ka100 kart together to test drive I realized I don’t have a throttle cable clamp. Is there a substitute from home or something I can buy from my local harbor freight or auto zone to substitute this until I order one? (no karting or racing shops near me)

i believe this will work if 1/8 in is small enough

Electrical connectors

Do you have a track near you? Show up and ask to buy one off of someone. This is a pretty common spare folks have thrown in their tool box.

i don’t have track near me is the thing. closest one is about 300 miles. i’m gonna try those elecrical connectors suggested above i think. they look similar.

Man, it’s posts like this that make me thankful for my location. I’m 30 minutes to Badger Kart Club and 1 hour from Road America. Granted, we have a limited season, but that just makes you enjoy the in-season even more.

Also a 20 minute drive to Franklin Motorsports for parts!

Get something like this on Amazon

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The white electrical ones work great in a pinch

I like the double screw clamp style because it doesn’t pinch the wire.

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