Tie Rod adjustment uneven side to side

Hey guys so can anyone tell me if they’ve ever experienced this before?

My kart to a hit to my front left wheel last race, basically my front left hit another karts right rear and mounted the other kart.

I inspected everything and don’t see anything visually bent but now my alignment is all weird. So before this i was assured my chassis was put on a table prior to purchase and that it was straight. When i centred my steering wheel before and looked at the exposed threads on my rose joints left and right they were a little uneven…not much but they definitely weren’t identical.

Now after the hit when i centre my wheel my left side is almost bottomed out in the rose joints and barely has any more adjustment left. With my caster camber pills in the same location left to right my camber is pretty close to even on my snipers…maybe 0.5-1.0mm difference.

I ended up changing my tie rods and my spindle stems (not the actual spindle) birel chassis btw and I’m still in the position I’ve described. It seems something is bent but I can’t say what for certain. We don’t have a frame table here in Trinidad to measure the chassis for a bend so I’m a bit stumped. I’m thinking it could be the spindle it self on that left side? I put my snipers on the two chassis tubes where my front strut bar connects to check the chassis for twist there and the snipers read almost identical side to side.

Can anyone shed some light on what they think may be going on? Chassis bent or not?

Hard to say if the chassis is bent. Do you have any reasonably flat surface to check it with?

Is the replacement tie rod the exact same length as the old tie rod? I had this issue previously - the replacements were 5mm shorter than what came off.

Its been a while since this was posted but will offer my input. I have dealt with this same issue and found that a bent spindle was partially the problem but the bigger problem was the steering shaft was twisted, in both cases the only option was replacing the parts.

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Hey thanks for the reply. I changed both of those didn’t do a thing. it seems the actual chassis bent but no components did