Tie Rods: Hexagon vs Round

Would like to hear people’s thoughts on Hexagon vs Round tie rods. The case made for round is that it bends easier, which keeps your more expensive steering components from bending instead. Any thoughts or feedback from experience on running this setup vs sticking with hexagonal rods?

I went with Hex. No giant thought process, just they have plenty of hex to use a wrench on and are readily available. Not Entirely sure the round bend easier.

The only safe bet is not to hit stuff that can bend the components. We all know how great of a plan that is. I am starting to view tie rods as consumable and buy 2 at a time. I also keep extra ends and lock nuts.

I’d be very interested to hear folks thoughts on this! I don’t know if all tie rods are made from the same alloys, so that may play a factor. One would think all else being equal that a hexagonal design would be more resistant to bending…but I’ve seen both bend just the same!

Others are definitely right, tie rods are an essential spare part to have in stock.

We’ve used both and both bent with a less than major impact.

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