Tillett T9.5

What experience do you guys have with the Tillett T9.5 seat?
I have a mate who is putting it in his Tony KZ, and he’s wondering if it should be mounted in the same way as his old T11?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Depends on his height. The 9.5 will lay him back a little bit so I just mount it a little closer than the T11. Measure his arms and take that measurement from each side of the steering wheel to the back of the seat.

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My addition is…it’s also a different shape…slightly wider at the hips and tighter on top, at least comparing T11 XL and T9.5. I personally try to stick to T11 unless it’s absolutely necessary to run the T9.5, I feel like I’m leaning back too much. I also have long legs so I need to run the seat slightly back anyways so for me it’s not worth it. I still have a new one from last year, I find myself always going back to the T11