Tilloston Carburetor leaking

Any help is appreciated, rebuilt the carburator for the Rok VLR and when we put it on the gauge it it slowly leaks? Anything to be looking for?


Is it leaking into the Venturi? That’s the situation you need to re-examine the metering needle and seat. Ensure that the needle is in fact sealing off.

I will double check.

Needle and seat exchange first thought.

Second thought change the needle spring .

At testing
Its sould pop and after that will have to stay steady readings specific for your carb and engine specs

Had the carb rebuilt from the engine builder and it still leaks? Ended up buying a new carb, but It doesn’t make sense, didn’t think carbs go bad!

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I dont think so either adrian . Try to change the needle and seat pair and also the diafragm set with genuine from tillotson parts .

Also try to contact them in ireland via e mail .
I got help from them and take my parts straight from them for my carbs . If you dont have an official service dealer near you .

coz here in greece i got lost on strange " i know better that the factory handymans stories " .

And they kindly always help me .