Tillotson carb setup

Hi. I have an HL 334a carburetor. do you have any ways to regulate? In the servis manual it is average for me. I have the setting L 45 ‘and H 30’. Setup on a stand. I haven’t driven yet, engine before run-in. I don’t have an EGT sesor. Do I only have to check the color of the spark plug and exhaust?

On the setting with the servis manual, black oil was running everywhere.

Without knowing what engine you are running, suggest that you open both needles to one turn out. Where you have them set now may be OK for running on a stand, but more fuel will be needed on the track. It’s better for the engine if you start rich and tune towards lean. Make small adjustments.
How much oil and what kind of oil are you using?

Iame Leopard 07, manual tells 6% . At this moment i have 5%. Motul kart grand prix

I found this several years ago and it has served me well.