Tillotson HW-27A carburettor 2

I have had.a forum about this. I just need to know if a rotation is in 100 or 1000 as the pictire below shows or something else. So if its 100 the middle should be 50 and the 4 sides 25

Carburettor needle adjustment is usually time/clock based.

1 turn = 1minute = 60seconds

eg. 1:35 (One (1) minute, Thirty-Five (35) sec) = 360 + 210 = 570deg (1.58 turns)

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But i mean if the middle of the thurn is what 30 or what

So if one turn is 60 so the half turn is 30??


Shoot cant see the small image its. Too blury can you share the link for this dokument.

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Thanks ! Soo its goes by five and the middel is 30 and the 4 parts is 15
And total of 60

Yes, like a clock but backwards (imagine the clock is running in reverse)

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Ok. So if i want to put it at 1hr 34min
I have to turn it 1 turn and half plus 4


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Nice !! Now i can enjoy my karting