Tillotson T225RS Engine Rules

Introducing the Tillotson T225RS USA Rules Package for 2020

The T225RS engine is the new release by Tillotson which will be racing at various locations including Andersen Racepark, Atlanta Motorsports Park, the Maxxis 4 Cycle Sprint Series amongst other clubs, series and tracks that are now evaluating this exciting new engine package.

T225RS Engine Rules USA

T225RS Engine Fiche USA

T225RS Engine Owners Guide

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Is this meant to compete with Honda GX390 on sprint tracks as a rental engine or is intended for the kart owner market?

Hi Dom, this engine package is for the kart owner market. It would be faster than the GX390 however delivering 14-15Hp peak.

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Hi guys,

I tested this motor in 2019 and it’s great! I believed it was designed to be a sealed motor with more HP than the Lo206. It’s a great engine that I only got a half day on but it was great.