Time for a new chassis?

I got the kart used with moderate wear and I put probably 20ish practice days and 2 race days on the chassis, unsure if it’s time to get a newer one

No need unless it is cracked or doesn’t respond to changes


It’s a little flat but I agree with Lucas, if it still is responding to adjustments you’re fine for now.


If you aren’t winning at local clubs and top 5 in larger regional races, don’t worry about it.
So long as the C hubs aren’t twisted and the frame isn’t bent, keep driving.
Just like TJ said, if it is responsive to chassis adjustments those flat spots aren’t an issue. And at that wear they won’t be.

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I would, but the others aren’t wrong.


You fall firmly within my qualifying statement. You have won just a few times and maybe even written a bit about the sport. At your level, it might make a little difference. :+1:t2:

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It’s probably OK. I’d throw a set of steel guards on it so it doesn’t wear much more on the rails, but the rest of it looks like only paint damage.

If you’ve got the budget I’d find it hard to believe a new chassis isn’t faster than the above chassis.

I guess it would be helpful to qualify the level of competition, in that KP will generally default to the economical advice since it’s all about keeping people/getting people in the sport.

But we have folks here that are best of best as well as newbies so I think it’s a good idea to give background as to what you are trying to achieve, competitively.

For club, drive it till you are tired of welding it.
For regional, get a new one every season or so
For national ?

Either way, you might be running too low for your track if you are scraping this much, no?


Perhaps it is un-scientific but anytime I find prolonged areas of “flat” on the underside of the frame that fundamentally compromises the round profile of the tubing, especially along the central crossbars, I’d consider the chassis past its prime.

At most tracks that takes a considerable amount of time.