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As I have been gradually improving my lap times and becoming accustomed to my kart, I am still having difficulty with setup and an approach to help minimize oversteer and just a general lack of grip. As you might be able to tell in the picture, I have a hard time fitting in a kart, but I love it too much to let it stop me. Being 6’6 might be nice if I was decent at basketball, but I have found gives me limited real-estate when karting. I am curious if any other lengthy racer’s have suggestions for a seat that has a taller back to help with support as I feel like I am barely held in. I am trying to determine if my oversteering is a result of bad driving techniques on my part (entry speed too high/abrupt power delivery), high and far back center of gravity, or setup that makes me slide. The oversteer may be a result of the kart first understeering and then pushing me through the apex (I have no idea).
I have configured my kart per various recommendations from knowledgeable/experienced people at my local track but unfortunately don’t have my current specs written down, which I’m sure might be the place to start if asking for setup advice. This is my first post on here but once I have free time I will make note of all needed specifications to help give a starting point on what my kart’s geometry is looking like. I am also going to get my most recent go pro footage and will try to link it so that whoever is reading can see what’s happening. Any input is greatly appreciated, I’m trying to gain as much information as possible as my show up and rip what I got it approach is getting old.

The beginning of 2 races ago can be seen in the link if it works. I was running very old tires as I had just recently graduated college and was broke but luckily my new job is giving me the opportunity to finally afford some fresh rubber.

What’s your seat measurements. That picture makes you looks high and forward.

Axle straight to the back of the seat, top back middle to LF kingpin, something that gives us an idea on location?

Hey Greyson, My biggest tip for improvement would be to buy a rok shifter. Half Joking but half Serious. I’m not sure how fast you can go on a Honda but I’ve yet to see anyone get sub 50 on one. Are you a member at AMP? If not I would be happy to do a practice day with you and you can come as my guest. Not sure if you remember me I have the white and orange OTK shifter.

Hey I was there racing with you! Get your weight balance set up first. I’m right around 52%. I added my front porch kit after that. I used four bathroom scales. I’m 6’4. Come road racing AKRA/WKA has a Honda class.

I’ll have the measurements for you soon thanks for the help

What year is your chassis? All Sodi karts generally like a similar setup, but caster angle has varied a bit from year to year. My brother is 6’3” 250 lbs and has no issues with his Sodi Kart handling.

Also, what tire are running in the video, and how old are they? Balance definitely looks out of whack, but it’s almost like you’re on some 10 session old tires lol

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Hey Evan that’s funny seeing guys I just met on here so fast, yea my best lap times yet are high 50 low 51 sec and I sure would like some extra umph as the honda seems to be outmatched. I am not a member, but would absolutely love any opportunity to get more seat time. I figured before I went out and dumped a bunch of money on a new kart, I might outta see if I can squeeze a little more out of ol’ reliable since I feel like I have much to learn.

I think you are already driving pretty good but of course there is always room for improvement. Tyler for example was doing about your times on his Honda and then swapped over to a rok and got into the low 49s pretty fast. I’m not sure how much of that was motor and how much was him getting better at driving though. As for getting more seat time, I believe non-members are allowed to drive on the Friday before race day as well but I’m not 100% sure. As for bringing guests you’re allowed to come as somebody’s guest 2 times a year and it’s like $75 I think for the guest fee.

The corner weight is a great idea Travis I need to do per your suggestion. I would love to come try wka out, that’s what the previous owner my the Kart used it for. I assume the closest WKA track to Atl is Roebling Road? I liked that gska combined a barnesville/amp for a state wide championship, I wish they would include Roebling too, I think it’d hit the trifecta of all track types in one state. It’s good to see another tall driver, I feel like we have twice the drag as the majority of karters. If only they made a kart that was 125% or so the size of a normal chassis in stock form that’d be awesome.

Yea I have to admit I was a little bumbed when Tyler showed up with a new engine. I was excited to have more honda guys to race against. It could be very well the engine or the fact he is an absolute missile behind the wheel, the bravest person is whoever is infront of him in a turn, I think he’s amp’s Danny Ric with his insanely impressive dives. I have done the Friday practice a few times, but unfortunately I tend to be wrenching more than driving so I will definitely need to go out more now that I live much closer.

I nearly positive that it is a 2016, I was on MG yellows. Yes I hate to admit it but I have been go kart fund limited and I think I have done 6 race days or more on those tires. Rough seas make good sailors right? I was planning on buying more before this past weekend’s race, but the track did not get its shipment intime so I did another race on them. I’m surprised they even hold air by now haha but I was around 51.2 secs.

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Hi Grayson, I am 6’9" and race TaG 125. I definitely recommend a front porch to move the pedals forward and allow you fit more comfortably in the kart. CRG makes a somewhat universal front porch kit.

Shifters usually require the seat shifted further back than single speed karts due to the high torque generated by the lower gearing. By putting more weight over the rear wheels, it will increase your rear grip and limit oversteer. Another thing to consider is a more gradual application of throttle on corner exit until the wheel is completely unwound and you are pointing straight again.

Good to see I am not the only tall guy out there racing karts! :joy:

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We should start a 6’4 and up racing league haha. I have the front porch on it already because I did one race without it and my right knee was wayyyyy too in the way of steering and shifting. I was wondering if I was too far back so thats good to know that it’s not necessarily the cause of the oversteer.

What seat have you found works best for you?

Tires are part of your problem. You’ll likely go quite a bit faster with new rubber, but I say “likely” because the balance is going to be entirely different, and will take some getting used to.

I have a lot of experience with the 2016 Sodi KZ chassis. It’s a really great kart, and one that doesn’t require you to stray far from baseline. Here is the standard setup that I would recommend starting with, and is essentially exactly what the US factory team ran back in 2016-2017, along with seat measurements for my brother mentioned in my earlier post.

This should also explain how to measure, as dimension “D” is the one that matters most. You could probably move the seat 1cm farther back than the dimensions listed in the document and still be in good shape. The Sodi is actual one of the more “roomy” chassis out there.

Though I’m not nearly as tall as you (I’m 6’), I have found the NEK or Greyhound 2020 seat to provide more upper body support, as the back of the seat extends higher than the standard seats on the market. @GregF would have better insights on what works best for a tall tall person.


Honestly, I have just been using a Tillett T11 size Large. I dropped down from a XL after a couple years of running and losing weight. According to some, I have heard a Deep Seat or Ribtect Seat have more upper body support than most. I do, however lean my seat back a little to get my COG down some. I also have a 1 inch thick pad under my legs/junk at the front bottom of the seat as I found myself sliding forward during the course of a race on the flat bottom of the seat. Supposedly the flat bottoms seats allow you to sit lower in the kart, but where my backside bottoms out there is not a lot of padding to fill the space. :rofl:

You tall people need to try the Beasley from Comet.

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How is the flex on the Beasley seat? I was always recommended to use a Tillet T11 on the OTK’s when you needed a bigger seat than OTK offers.

The Beasley is a bit of a soft seat. Probably slightly softer than a standard IMAF but nowhere near a VG.