Tips for light drivers

G’day Folks,
I’ve been trying to make some videos, though which I can help others that are new to the sport like myself. I recently have done a video on tips for heavy drivers. I am currently doing part 2 of this, but, was wondering: Should I do a video for tips for light drivers? Are there any specific tips that would more likely help a lighter driver?

Don’t they have enough advantages already?:grinning:

Good question, tho. I’m all ears.

:rofl: I know, right?

Just spit-balling ideas. If there is nothing that is specific, I’ll skip the idea.

I am actually curious to hear. Now that I’m a skinny old guy I find that I’m swimming in the rental seats. So, I move around a lot, mostly nervous energy, leaning around. I don’t actively try to put weight over the outside wheel, at least not consciously. But there’s probably smart things to do.

Actually, fitting properly is pretty key to not getting hurt. That’s probably why I banged up my kidney so bad in the hopping rental kart.

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My son is 72 #’s and has a terrible time trying to make the Kart work. The best size driver is one that is big enough to run with no weight, but not overweight. The driver placement is probably the biggest tuning tool. A bigger driver can make the kart work more easily.

Interesting. Is there anything you son has done that he feels helps counteract being too light? Does he has to add weight for competition?

At least in the competition I race in, i feel like it’s an advantage to require extra weight to be added. Here is why:

The circled part is the pod they add the weight to. The weight is added to the front of the pod first, then move back as they add more. The most I’ve seen added is about 22.5kg, which fills up about half the pod. This adds weight the the front and left side of the kart. Most of the important corners at my local track turn right. The weights are in the perfect position to add weight to the outside front wheel for a right hand turn. It might be a singular example, but, i feel if you were at a weight that you didn’t have to add weight, you would still be at a disadvantage vs someone who had to add weight due to where the weight is placed.

Sometimes it seems that having the extra weight of the engine above the right rear-ish corner allows for better rotation and speed off of kerbing. Maybe just imagining it.

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Yeah excellent point. I bought a kart with a seat that was way too big. Got hammered around and fractured 4 ribs.