Tips on re-applying tank stickers

Anyone have any luck re-applying fuel tank stickers that have come off due to a little fuel leaking from the gas cap? Surface prep should be the same as new stickers, but what adhesive has worked best?

Not sure if I can even get new stickers for this kart. (Italkart Laguna)


I find once the adhesive has gone you’re pretty screwed. Carpet tape (super strength double side tape) done neatly and fully on the back of the sticker works well.

Good suggestion, worth a shot.

I haven’t personally tried on a gas tank but I’ve had decent success on other decals just using 3M Super 77 or Gorilla Glue spray adhesive.

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Was unfamiliar

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Thanks TJ. Other glues I’ve tried on old decals tend to bubble/warp, I’ll try this if the tape fails