Tire analysis

My son runs lo206 cadet, green slide. Tires were at 16 psi. These are his left side tires. First pic is left front, second pic is left rear. Is this wear pattern normal? Thanks for any advice on what you see.

To me it is normal, our MG Reds look like that on the side of the kart w/ less load (left for us on a predominantly CCW track).

They are barely worn at all, which is expected in 206 Cadet. Little bit of pick-up on the front tire, which is somewhat normal in a slower class. What’s your pace like relative to the leaders?

Does the “off center” wear pattern mean anything in regards to camber (on the front)? Seems like you’d want most of your wear straddling both wear dots, but he is way off to the inside by an inch or so. Or is that unrelated?

Normal in most cases. The kart has negative camber built in so will always wear the inner shoulder more.

Exaggerated in slower classes sometimes where you aren’t working and flexing the tire as much, so it rides on the inner shoulder more.

Tire wear is an overanalyzed thing I think. Yes, you can see sliding/graining or stuck/blistering in how the tire is wearing, but some wear is conditional to driving style and setup style too.

I have a friend who has the most beautiful and pristine front wear with zero build up on the outer edge. I almost always have build up on the outer edge. When we race together we are often very similar in speed, and I would say we are both very smooth drivers. It’s always been like this. :man_shrugging:t2:

He finishes in 2nd place, will lead a few laps and occasionally has the fastest lap of the race.

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Sounds like your tire wear is fine then.

Stopwatch doesn’t lie!

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I reckon your front tyres look like they are under steering and your Ackerman is not correct.

It also looks like too much neg chamber on fronts.
Rears look too hot with too much air pressure. Dominant outside front tire during turn in (corner entry)looks like its being pushed from the rears. Try reducing rear track width, reduce neg chamber, confirm Ackerman setting and reduce front cold tyre psi. Try bring your rear tire psi down a little too.


Thanks for the information, much appreciated.