Tire and Wheel Help for Upcoming Race

Hello everyone! I’ve got a race weekend coming up at the end of next month and needed a bit of help with wheels and tires.

I am running in junior 206 which runs spec Evinco Blue tires but the size of the rear tires is not regulated. I really wanted to hear from more experienced people than me what the differences are between 6.1 and 7.1 inch rears is and what size rims you put them on. I’ve already got 2 sets of rims with 6.1 inch and 7.1 inch rears so I have both options available.

Just a little bit more info if it helps. The weight for my class is 320 lbs and we are running on a fairly low grip concrete track with slow tight corners and one or two fast sweeping turns. Race day is a while away but it is looking to be in the high 80s and low 90s.

Thanks guys!

A 6.0” tire on the 7.1” rim is a great option. If alleviates a fair bit of grip by laying the side wall over considerably. This helps make the kart roll more freely through corners while still providing acceptable cornering performance.

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