Tire balance beads?

I am considering going roadracing with a Birel and Rotax 257. Obviously, at 100+ mph speeds, tire balance becomes a critical issue. I was wondering if anyone has ever tried those tire balancing beads in kart tires, and what your experience was… Some people use airsoft BB’s in truck tires… Those seem a bit big to me, but I think the smaller 18 wheeler beads that fit in a valve stem would work… Thoughts?


I’ve really only ever used regular adhesive balance weights for road racing. Not quite as fast as a 257, but fast enough that you’ll know for sure if they are off balance.

Got the 257 with new cylinder for $300… Birel w/ 4 wheel brakes for $275… I’ll have to rehab the kart, but it will be RR fun on the cheap. Look for my picture on kartbandits facebook…

Show us here too! —> #projects
Can’t let Facebook bury your project in a newsfeed :smile:

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That is an interesting idea. The only spoiler that I can think of is that most, if not all, karting orgs have outlawed lead shot as ballast, and though I can’t remember the last time I witnessed a tire lose its bead, the orgs might have the same feeling about this product.

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I have seen these in truck tyres, and they were explained to me to pick up the low spots on the inside of the tyre surface.
Low spot = less rubber, High spot = more rubber Therefor the less rubber areas get the beads and become heavier.
That fixes the tyre imbalance, not the wheel imbalance.

I have several concerns about it for karts.
Does the high breaking force disturb the beads?
Do they move with high corner G loads?

They are designed for vehicles that, lets face it, basically drive in a straight line, with gradual acceleration and cornering. To my knowledge (poor thought it is) I have never seen these used high level motor racing.