Tire Direction

Our local club has to use Envico Blue tires for LO206 and there are directional arrows on the sidewall of the tires, does it really matter?

If you don’t want to be DQ’d, yes.

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What in the world?!?! What club DQs for tire direction?

OP, I always mount mine up so they’re all right sides (maybe out of habit now?). I have never felt a performance difference going the opposite way.


I don’t know any that don’t.

Yeah that must be a Dubai rule, tire direction isn’t a rule here.

Some brands say to run the tire the correct direction, but I’ve never had an issue running either way. It’s common to flip the tire on the rim to maintain even wear, so plenty of people run the tire “backwards”.


Yeah I tend to run all stickers out. Two day races or abrasive tracks flip them so they are all stickers in.

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Flipping the tire onto the same rim, you’re running the tire backwards. If you flip the tires onto the opposite rim, wouldn’t that maintain the correct direction? Same amount of work anyways.


Yeah you sure could do that.

Yeah so my typical two day goes like this. Stickers out. Then swap left and rights mid day. Over night flip on rim. Then mid day left and right swap again.

Directional arrows on the tire don’t dictate how I run them, tire wear does and I adjust accordingly. Just my .02 cents as no tech guy (I’ve met) in my short time racing cares about tire directional arrows on slicks.