Tire longevity

More so an opinion verses an answer:

Recently got back into karting and now doing 2cycle instead 4. We personally didn’t change tires often 1-2 a season back then but it was 4 cycle.

Some competitors are putting new tires every race day and some every 2-3 races. Now I’m getting abit closer to the fast guys and wondering how much of a difference them being on new ones vs me being on 4 race old.

1)would you think 1 race old vs 3 race old
Would be around .1 a lap or more so .5 a lap?

2)After how many laps are you changing in 2 cycle?

3)Our track allows mojo or Vega blue for Rotax. Are longevity similar amongst these tires? Are they both as consistent.

I put every race day (compulsory from a selection of close S/N) then do a couple of hundred laps of practice in between. By which time the tyres are generally shot anyways and lose about a second a lap.

I am not sure what you’d define as hard but I can’t think of anyone that didn’t change tires for each quali. We ran lecont whites in master/senior and reds for the juniors. Even the reds were only good for 1 race day plus a subsequent practice day to burn off what’s left. (2 stroke x30/rotax).

This is very true as i remember running some used mojo d2xx’s and once they were shot, i was at least a second slower.When going for tenths i found tyres matter alot.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Well what its worth - I drive crg 175 super sifter and what I have learned during this summer new tyres are absolute must if trying to make any decent times. Chassis needs to be in the ball park so it heats up tyres equally front and rear

I have tested MG yellows, Vega whites and yellow komets. They all perform about the same, at least for my skill level, all have noticeably higher grip when new. After two short stints - about 30 40 laps, they lose the edge and are about 1s slower when they are done

After I win the lottery I will make sure I have fresh set for each stint

I don’t know about everybody else, but our series requires the same tires from Quali to Final.

All this info helps yes. Didn’t think they lose that much speed over a race day but looks they do. I’ll start changing more often. Thank you

Same. You can buy as many sets for practice as you wish, but quali thru to final same set