Tire mounting

Can’t figure this one out. I’ve used windex, grease, coconut oil, and just about everything else. Every time I try to inflate the tires after mounting I can’t get the bead to pop evenly. I’ve made sure the bead is even all the way across before inflating and I’m putting close to 40psi in the tire to try to get it to pop. Any advice?

Get some mounting lube. I have had to use 50 psi or more. Also a tire band can help.

Have you removed the valve core, it makes beading so much easier and use a proper mounting lube.

What is the ambient air temp. Sometimes cold rubber does not flex well and does not want to slip over the bead. Could also try leaving them resting in the sun with around 20 psi in them for a little while then trying to seat again. Soap is about the slipperiest lube, will not hurt the tire and rinses away easily. Most tire mounting lubes are just a soap paste.

I use WD-40 typically, and usually 50-60 psi. Sometimes when that doesn’t get the tire to seat all the way, just one side of it, I’ll use the bead breaker to help walk the bead around and get it to pop fully.

What’s bloody terrifying about the keep adding air technique is what happens when the mag blows.

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Dawn dish soap has worked well for me. I coat the tire and rim with soap, pull the valve core, seat the bead lock screws in just far enough that they don’t protrude thru the rim and use a tire band. Most tires warn not inflate over 4 Bar. That’s almost 60 psi. Even at sixty psi, rarely have had a tire bead up at that pressure. And a warm day helps a lot. I’ve mounted tires, tossed them into my car and let the car sit in the sun with the windows up.

Make sure you’re lubing the surface in front of where the bead is going to slide.

Warm ambient temp definitely helps.

You can go up to 60psi. You’re doing the right thing by not going that high at first.

If you don’t have a tire ring, a ratchet strap or two around the tire can help.

Always inflate with the wheel with it standing up, ie as if it’s on the kart. That way if the rim lets go it’ll fly out the side vs towards your face.

Thanks guys. I wrapped the tire with a strap to be safe, but it may be that this 50 degree weather that is causing the tire to be too stiff. I ordered a heat gun to warm it up, so we’ll see how that goes once it gets here.

I just take them inside to let them warm up. Is that a option for you?

It is, but I’m thinking a heat gun would be the quickest way and I can take it to race tracks if I need to swap rims quickly. If it works, it’s $20 well spent.

Have never paid attention to how many psi on kart tires. The compressor is probably set at 90 or 100 on the hauler, maybe more. We just fill until they pop on the bead. The pops at the other tents are just as loud as ours. Scares me every time, and I have probably mounted 400 sets of tires. If I can find a bottle of soapy water nearby I may spray some on.

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One of Jerry’s buddy showed me where they reattached his finger after a shattering mag removed it. I have a “Jerry does the mounting” policy now.

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One of Jerry’s buddy showed me where they reattached his finger after a shattering mag removed it. I have a “Jerry does the mounting” policy now.

That’s hilarious :joy::joy::joy:

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