Tire Pressure Difference

How big of a difference do you run front to rear or left to right?
Just curious how big of a split some of you run. Around 2psi difference is where we have ended up at times.

1.5 is the most I ever stagger usually.

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Have been running up to 3-4 pound difference between front and rear with success. OTK Redspeed RR

206 setup

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I always run the same pressure in both fronts, 0.5 psi lower for the inside rear, and 1.0 psi lower for the outside rear. This is in a KZ kart, so you could probably trim those differentials a bit and still be just fine.


I normally stagger mine about 1lb to start the day off and then tune them from there based on feel. I’ll normally do 1lb higher in the fronts than the rears.

This is just starting though. Almost always changes throughout the day.

This is also on a KZ setup.

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I don’t split. Even numbers all the way around heated in the sun, then set them directly off the track to my desired psi for the next session.still.at even numbers in all four.


I usually look at hot pressures and adjust non dominant side up to match the other, provided I’m happy with dominant side pressures to begin with.

Not sure if it’s the right way to go, but it seems to help in most situations for me.

Like Mr Burpo, I also like baking (tires) in the sun and checking “cold” pressures late before I hit the track. Unless it’s so hot that the tires are getting overheated during the run to an extent that pressures are unable to resolve. Like when track temp is like 150.

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