Tire Pressure Hacks

Does anyone use nitrogen or dry air on a regular basis? If so how much does it help you stay in the temp window? Same question about pressure bleed valves? Lastly, if they do help why don’t I see anyone using either or hear more about it? Thanks in advance!

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Typically we will run just regular air. The only times we’ve used nitrogen was when the track was very low grip and the karts were sliding around everywhere. The nitrogen helped keep the tires in the ideal heat range for longer and it was definitely a noticeable difference.

It’s a very specific need for nitrogen, on super low grip tracks or I would imagine also very long races. I wouldn’t worry about it too much. For about 98% of races, regular air will work just fine.

Nitrogen will always be more stable than air. Often it is out of karters budgets, but I would recommend running it if possible. Your pressure build from ‘cold’ to operating temperature is more consistent, and tire fade due to over-heating of the tire is not as prevalent.

You can make air work just fine, but like anything, if you want that little bit extra…

Unless you’re running in a special ‘outlaw’ series, pressure bleeders are a huge no-no. I wouldn’t recommend showing up to a sprint-kart race anywhere with one on your kart. Many racing series outlaw them for safety and cost issues (you can get quite advanced with those little bleeders).

The other aspect that many may not realize about the pressure bleeders is how sensitive they are. Dirt, water, debris, if it gets in one it can set the whole system out of wonk, which is frustrating. You don’t see them because they aren’t necessary.

We always run nitrogen, but regular air works just fine. We usually see a pressure increase of 2-3 pounds with nitrogen, and maybe a pound more with regular air.

Nitrogen was not as expensive as I expected. Had to purchase a regulator valve. Tank rental is $25 a month and a refill is $60. One tank lasts the whole season.

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I do every time we are on the track. Our tires are mounted with compressor air then purged. Here in Florida our track temperatures will reach 140 degrees. Using this gas will keep tire pressures from rising but not completely.