Tire pressures when starting on a hot track

With the ongoing heat wave in the Midwest, the track temperature (Fremont Raceway Park in NW Ohio) on Sunday is going to start out at a temperature it would normally reach when the finals are run and go up from there. With that kind of heat in the track, where do you start with tire pressures? Usually I start high and come down as the track warms up. Haven’t decided whether to run the Hoosier R60B or MG Red SH2 tires yet.

Is there a rule of thumb for these kind of conditions? Start at the pressures I would have used in the finals or??? Those who run in the warmer climes are probably more accustomed to dealing with these conditions than those of us in the Great Lakes region who are used to cooler summer days (and nights!)…

0.7 bar on a hot day in greece . On vega green tires . At 15 minutes sessions makes them come out warm at 0.95 bar . And it works just fine for us here .

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I would start lower than you normally would yes, if track temp is what you usually expect for a final then probably start somewhere similar on pressures.

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