Tire question - Vega Tires - hardness/durability - which ones to get?

So I have a 2017 Intrepid Cruiser MS3 chassis with a ROK GP motor.

I am just a weekend warrior now, where a few of my buddies hit the track just to bomb around and have a little fun - nothing competitive anymore.

I live in Ontario, Canada, and the predominant tire in my area is Vega.

Unfortunately, the Vega Canada tire designations don’t seem to match Vega in the US, or Vega in Europe. I did get my local track to give me their hardness rating.

My question is I want a tire that has enough grip to go fast, but a harder compound so they last a little longer.

I have 4 tire options that fit my tire configuration - 4.6 front / 7.1 rear:

  • VMS - medium hard
  • Blue (nordam?) - medium
  • FM (white) - medium soft
  • VAS - soft

I ran the whites (FM) last year, and just finished with my last set, so I am in need of new tires. I liked them - lots of grip - but wear REALLY quickly.

Question, if I go to a blue or VMS, will I compromise too much grip with the two stroke to the point where it will be uncontrollable/dangerous/no longer fun?

I was thinking of jumping to a set of VMS to try them out - but at $300 a set, it would be a big mistake if I hate them.

Again, I am not racing competitively, and my body is getting old, so I am not chasing the fastest lap anymore. I just want to go fast and have fun.


Your local series that runs ROK runs the Vega Blue’s. They are a pretty good tire with less grip than the white’s but last much longer.

I would actually suggest a new tire to Ontario that we have found to be very quick and lasts extremely well, the Levanto KRT has been quite consistent over the tire life.

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If I was in your shoes, I would get the Vega Blues, since that is the “standard” tire for most classes here in Ontario. Everyone stocks them, lightly used ones are fairly easy to find, and since everyone is using them, it would probably make it easier to get some setup advice from other drivers at lapping days.

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