Tire tongs ripping beads

Using tire tongs appear to be ripping up the bead on my MGs. Tires are still good so I’d like to use them again but all this damage is obviously a little concerning, especially using a tool designed for the job. I actually mounted these back to see if they would hold air and didn’t appear to be a problem. Just sucks the tongs are doing this.

Same happened to me. I haven’t found that the ripped bead area leaks but is somewhat disconcerting. What helped is filing the leading edge so it’s a bit more radiused , use tire lube and expanded the tongs slowly. If it looks like it’s about to tear, stop and let rubber move. I even back off a bit and start. After all this , I have to say the tongs make tire changing a breeze. Well worth a bit of futzing

Back when I started in 98 we pulled all tires on and off by hand. They should not be that strained. I use the tool in the picture now. Are you sure you are coming from the correct side of rim and making sure bead is dropping down in rims recess? If it does not a lot more force to put on tire. I install tires use them a short time and sell to someone that uses them next. We have not torn a tire

MG reds are awful to put on new, the sidewall is about the stiffest tire i’ve come across. My best advice is to get them as hot as you can before trying to put them on. We lay them out in the hot sun/pavement for 20-30 mins to heat them up and that helps a lot, with lots of lube. If the outside temp is below say 50 degrees we’ll put them in front of the salamander heater or else we’d never get them on, tool or not.

I have the cheap generic tongs and have never had an issue but I always use some sort of lube to make mounting easier. I’ve used standard tire lube and it works great but as of late I’ve actually been using Isopropyl alcohol in a spray bottle which works wonders and mainly evaporates when it dries.

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[quote=“Matt Geist, post:4, topic:9668, full:true, username:Matt_Geist”] If the outside temp is below say 50 degrees we’ll put them in front of the salamander heater or else we’d never get them on, tool or not.

Truth. Low volume wheels in cadet sizes with MG Reds and not even the Michelin Man can get them on or off the wheels. Makes me hate life for Spring and Fall races. I don’t have one of those big heaters but it’s worth the investment for tire changes alone if it works.

I have experienced this once on MG reds as well. It wasn’t as bad as what you have pictured but it can happen. Napa sells a product call RuGlyde that works great for getting tires on and off.

The truck cab heater works for warming up cold hard tires

As someone else mentioned make sure you’re removing the tires from the back of the wheels. On most wheels especially low volume the profile is different inside vs outside and if you’re trying to pull off the front you’ll be stretching the bead further which could cause this damage.

Oh yeah and mounting MG reds by hand could be defined as torture by most 1st world countries.

Totally agree, nothing about this was easy.

i definitely have this happening with the mg reds as well. i talked to some of the dudes at trinity karting group about it, they seemed to think it wasn’t a big deal. my tongs seem to get stuck in the little serration looking things, and end up ripping them off when you expand the tongs, pretty much exactly like the photo.

Also happened to myself on a few tires. Most were ok to use still, and only 1 was so bad it leaked. It only leaked until you got 40psi in it. Thought about running it since it was fairly new. Only happens early and late season when it gets colder

I use the kartlift tire changer. MG Reds and oranges mounted with no issues. One of the best investments I have made.