Tire Tracking System

Trying to come up with a solution to track sets of tires at our club. My hope is to present something that would limit the number of sets of tires to be used during a full season. I’ve heard of a barcode/scanner system but haven’t found much when searching the intermet. Looking for some solutions, links, any ideas you have.


Welcome Rob,
We use the silver sharpie method (not kidding). I too am interested as I had not considered this. (Typically use them one race, one practice, but this is likely different with harder compounds.)

Locally, for 1 season, there was a rule that you had to buy tires from the track. I get it. Problem was the track was not good about stocking the tires. They marked the tires with a rubber stamp. System had flaws. The track did demount/mount for free. There was no limit on sets of tires.

Before even trying to solve the tracking issue, I’d get them to accept the tire limit. ( I get you want all aspects worked out )
It does present some problems. Also are you going to make the rules state you need to use the same tires for qualifying as the main?

You could give an outline here and see what kind of pros and cons members here come up with.

First thought was If I am well funded I have several work arounds on the rule. I can afford several sets of wheels and tires for practice days. If I am not well funded I have to swap tires on wheels and/or have several sets of tires at once.

If it is not accepted, enforced or doesn’t solve a problem then why bother?

Well funded teams always have some advantages. I am not sure how you can mitigate that with a tire limit rule.

Yea most tires have barcodes now and most cell phones can read them.

You could do this with excel or google docs, but there would still be some R&D to figure out something that just works.

I think the folks at VEGA/TS Racing have a system that was used at the 206 grands, I suggest that you reach out to them.

On a side note, what is the penalty for using an extra set, grid positions?

We use same tires for qualifying. I am one of the decision makers so I want to come up with a solution to present to the rest of the board. We mark tires on race days but I want have a logical way to limit tires over a season. For Example 3 sets. I’m not sure if any other clubs are doing this. We are too big of a club to mount/dismount and store tires. Barcode and Scanner seems the only logical way the the barcode would hold up.

Ultimate goal is to improve costs for the lo206 budget racers.

Thanks for the responses.

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Check out https://www.racerscan.com it’s an IOS/Android app that tracks and compares barcodes for race events. Email [email protected] for a login account.

Step by step guide below:

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