Tire wear diagnosis

(Bryan Williams ) #1

First off I tried to find it but couldn’t. I thought I saw previously a thread about diagnosing tire wear.
My daughter and I both race karts, a thing we can do together but I have a hard time getting feedback from her and allot of times I am guessing on chassis set up or changes. She is only in it for fun since she has way higher priorities as a newly turned 16 yr old( she is big into ag and livestock showing, 4H) but I still want to set her up for success.
Any one have any onsite into what the kart is telling me by the look of these tires. She is telling me the kart feels great. But I know she can go faster.
She ran her first race at Sr. Weight with
a kpv 3 pipe. These tires were one race old but I flipped them before she raced. They are Bridgestone YLC
Front right.

Front left
The rears look good, same as mine. But my fronts are way smoother, no wrinkles or anything.

Sorry for the long post and thanks for any help.

(Blake sholders) #2

There’s a thread, look up learning how to diagnose tires. That’s the thread you are looking for.

It looks like you are feathering the front tires meaning you have a “push” and are sliding the front tires. Try widening the front end a bit to get some more grip. Hopefully that helps you some.

(TJ Koyen) #3

What pressures are you running?

(Bryan Williams ) #4

Go out at 13 grows about 3-4 pounds

(TJ Koyen) #5

Looks like understeer or driving too hard into the corner. Wavy, longitudinal lines = understeer, but if they are concentrated on the inner shoulder of the tire, that to me says that the driver is driving in too hard and overworking the tires.

If it was her first race at senior weight, I can imagine that she wasn’t used to having to slow down that extra weight and could’ve been entering the corner too fast.

(Bryan Williams ) #6

Makes sense. Thanks. Next time out I’ll mess with track width and her driving.