Tires after 3 months storage

Compkart covert 3.0
Senior Max

I’m using Dunlop DFMs, got them brand new in March. Only did 2 sessions. Kart has been in storage ever since 20th March. I want to go back sometime next month.

Will my tires need replacing? I read on that after about 3 months they are considered no good.
They are not cracked but seem a little hard to the touch. What do you guys think?

Yeah they’ll be fine unless you’re planning to race them. When F100 90s started we were mandated to use second hand tyres from a team.

I am not sure why there’s this obsession for constantly buying new tyres. Unless you’re racing or doing high-end set up work… it’s a waste of money most of the time


I laughed when I saw your post. I have (2) sets of Bridgestone YFBs that are new in wrappers. They have been sitting in storage since 1999. I wonder if they are still good?


Depends a lot also on storage conditions for the kart during those 3 months. I recently hit the track after the same lay off, my race kart was stored at the team air conditioned garage. Tyres were fine (K1M)

With the Dunlop DFM tyres, I tend to wear the rears much more than the fronts.
Can you replace just the rears with new tyres or would that upset the balance.

I think it helps to wrap them in plastic whenever you store them. I’ve never tested back to back against tires that I didn’t wrap, but I’ve always figured less interaction with the air=less opportunity for chemical reactions that degrade the tires.

I’ve read that tyres are no longer manufactured in a way that makes them bleed the oils. So wrapping is no longer necessary.