Tires for 2021 206sr

My club got rid of the spec tire for 206sr. I am looking your opinions as to what tire is going to be that fastest

MoJo ( D2,D3,D5), LeCont ( White,Red), LeCont (LeVanto), Bridgestone YLR and Vega Blue Nordam ( ONT ).

VEGA Yellow 6" wheel or MG Greens. Your gonna have to spend time setting it up not easy.

I guess I should have been more specific we have gone from only have one spec tire to being able to run one of the 8 tires listed on my original post

The LeCont white is a soft tire used for direct drive and shifter racing. I’d run that.

I have ran LeCont whites and thought they were a consistent, predictable tire for x30. No complaints.

I seen you run ONT tires means you’re in Ontario? Which club?

Chilliwack BC actually WCKC

Ah okay never mind! I’m Canadian aswell from Ontario. The ONT was specd for Ontario clubs