Tires for 206 Senior at Sandy Hook Speedway in MD

Hi everyone, I did my first race at SHS in Maryland last weekend and really enjoyed it. I race at BWI in Baltimore where the mandated tire is MG Red for LO206.

I noticed nearly all the 206 senior runners at SHS were on Hoosiers, anyone know what compound they run?

It seems the softest Hoosier compound is the R55, which has a durometer reading of 55-57, similar to the MG Reds which have a reading of 56 according to the charts on Comet kart sales.

I don’t know anything about Sandy Hook, but if it’s open tire, you want the Hoosier R60a for 206.

*Yes it is open

Why that compound? Is it because that tire is softer?

According to this chart, that tire is actually much softer than my MG Reds: Hoosier R60A Kart Racing Tires

That would explain some of why the others seemed to have a lot more grip and their tires were coming up to temp faster!

So, one thing to note, is that softer does not mean faster. The best 206 tire that I found last year in 206 cadets was the MG Yellow. The Hoosiers actually had too much grip and stuck the kart to the ground on exit, bogging the engine and causing problems. The MG Yellow kept the kart freer on exit, and made us faster despite technically being harder.