TJ appreciation post

You might want to contact @tjkoyen now. When I did my helmet, I had to wait 6 months for him to be available

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What new models are coming out? I need a new helmet probably for next year

Yeah, I’m currently booked through 2022 and have an informal waitlist forming for 2023. Plus the front end of the year is usually loaded with Rolex 24, INDYCAR, and NASCAR helmets for testing and stuff.

Anyone interested is looking at spring 2023 right now probably.

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Good to see the business is good for you ! You deserve it !

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Awesome, and well earned!
Regarding ‘testing’ helmets; have you ever done one with a play on testing camo? E.g.

If it’s not too personal, what’s the significance of the gears on the rational, cool side?

Last I talked to Zamp they were close to the certification phase.

That’s a nice looking lid.

I’m a mechanical engineer, and gears are a very karting/engineering-esque thing, so thought it would work well :slight_smile: Nothing crazy haha

I told TJ my concept and showed him an idea, and he ran with it to make something stellar.

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