TJ appreciation post

This is my second time getting a helmet from Tj. And all I can say is the experience is fantastic. I don’t even have this one in hand yet. But holy cow am I just blown away. He will work with your budget. And do a phenomenal job combining your ideas into a final product.

If your on the fence. Just get on the books and get a helmet done. You will not regret it.

More pictures when it gets delivered.


Hrnnnngh. It’s beautiful! Someday. The only problem with a TJ helmet is I’d be afraid of damaging it.


Can’t wait to see the finished product. That thing looks sick!!!

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My pleasure Lindsay! Thanks for the shout, just doin’ my job. :wink:

That is some beautiful work!

Damn that looks good.

@tjkoyen is the sorta camo/stripes background freehand or are you creating the shapes via tape? 3rd down, purple shapes.

Basically how you do that?

This specific one is blue holographic vinyl cut into a pattern on the plotter.

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Very neat, thank you!

100000% agree. TJ does AMAZING work and works well with your budget. Good communication, pricing, timing, all that. Couldn’t ask for better.

@highSRT your helmet looks STELLAR. Here’s mine just to show how versatile TJ is with a different design.


Honestly everything about the process is so smooth. Communication. Design. Just the whole interaction. Can’t wait to see what we do for my kiddos helmet when his books open up again


Wow that’s cool. I’m getting BMW art car vibes.

Yin and Yang. The confident DIG side has Basquiat stuff going on.

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Now that i have it in hand. One thing that is impossible to capture is the matte over the Damascus. It adds a ton of depth and just makes it hit so hard.

And an additional thing i didnt notice and im going to call out as i feel many wouldnt notice is the ROYGBIV gradient used all throughout.


To me, this design feels like a visual representation of the balance and contrasts of a driver’s left and right hemisphere. :+1:

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I love that. Such a badass design!

Nailed it. :beers:

20 char

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Seeing this thread reminds me that I want to order a new helmet from @tjkoyen


I like the one you have and it would look good in one of these

When racing Dom, you never know what you gonna get… so maybe I can someday have TJ make me something along the lines of this:

1/2 Gandhi 1/2 Sun-Tzu

As you can see, don’t try the inside.

I’m waiting for zamp to come out with their new model and I’ll be contacting @tjkoyen.