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Session 2, only a couple tenths off now but I think we had more in it. Was held up a bit on my best laps.

Carb is dialed in now, time to add a tooth and let it scream. Kart is still on the nose a bit but the balance is much better now in the second heat cycle, as I suspected it would be. Going to adjust rear track a tick and adjust tire pressures to equalize them a bit better. Otherwise I think we are very close right now.

One more session this evening.


We can compare notes, then. I just began ADD medication at 53. Better late than never, I suppose. We shall see if it has an effect on track. It certainly does for workday.

Good. This sounds like podium talk. Excited to watch your race.

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It is only Friday but, I think we are there now. Kart was really cooking about 3-4 laps in. No adjustments for the morning sessions.

Ignore Bosch, he cut the track. :joy:



Gotta roll with the punches with the unpaid help! Love it.

Good luck this weekend, sounds like it’s going well.

Normally I’m mid-pack in warm up so this was a nice start. Only changes we made were tire pressures. Going to stiffen the front torsion bar a bit here because the kart was lacking a little front end and it’s colder this morning so some traction on exit might be nice too. This adjustment was probably the right call for the first session but might be wrong for the next when it get warmer but we are gonna try it anyway to see what it does.

The little guy is here to give pointers today and check that the wheels spin too.


Times are tight! The bar change was good for three laps and had for five, we call that a net negative.


Kart feels amazing but maybe a little too free in the rear. Need a teeny adjustment for qualifying now.

Going to the 4-dot pills for quali. Need the kart to rotate and transfer a bit more I think.


Nice dispersion of laptimes :sunglasses: tight!

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Enjoying the updates with the tuning tidbits!


Qualified 9th, not great but I never quali well. The positive is I’m on the inside and I didn’t have to heat cycle my tires again in the shootout.

We made too many front end adjustments for that session. New MGs always shift the balance forward and we never compensate enough. Should’ve left the bar alone. Live and learn! 20 years and still learning…

One heat to go today :+1:t3:


Timely per our weld breaking discussion… found a broken seat tab on the right side which may have been why I struggled in left handers in qualifying. Engine off, down to the Franklin trailer, welded and back to our pits in 5 min. After you’ve done it a few times it’s pretty quick.


That must have sucked. Good luck in the races.

Passed 4 karts in that one but lost one before the end, so 9th to 6th. The seat strut broke again halfway through because we only had time to weld the one side. The steering hub bolt also broke halfway through so I had about 4” of slop in the wheel. Made for a difficult final half of the race but held on. Time to disassemble, weld the strut properly, and make sure my steering wheel doesn’t fall off anymore… good day overall.

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That sucks but could have been a lot worse I guess.

It makes me feel good when even the best have some bad luck too! Good news is you got it out of the way today. Good luck tomorrow!

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Kart literally falling apart and I still moved up 3, that’s a win in my book!

One more heat and final tomorrow :+1:t3:


Damp morning so we are skipping warm up. Could’ve slept another two hours…

Reppin’ @Alan_Dove though my 100cc isn’t as cool you Brits.


incredible! love it. good luck today mate

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Heat 2 was P6 to P10 to P6 to P8 to P10 after a bumper penalty. I was in the blender there and tried to do a cheeky move to crossover two guys who were blocking, and ended up losing another. Bumper got caved in because there was a wreck and someone dragged dirt on the track, so the field got bottled up and everyone ran into each other.

Kart was lacking a little side bite and I was trying to change up a couple corners but I think I made them worse. Going back to how I was driving earlier and then gonna add a tooth for the final and send it!